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by Richard Walters

Calculator² is a multi-functional calculator app for Windows Phone with 5 modes: Basic, Scientific, Programmer, Currency Converter, and Unit Converter.

Calculator² incorporates the WP7 Metro UI and features scientific functions, constants, memory items, currencies, and more. The Currency Converter makes use of Open Exchange Rates to make Calculator² even more comprehensive.

Nomad List
by Nomad List

Nomad List shows you the best places to live and work remotely, based on cost of living, internet speed, temperature and other metrics.

"Your API is awesome! I use it extensively on Nomad List to make sure over 20 different currencies are converted correctly live, to make sure everyone knows how much it costs to live in places around the world." - Pieter Levels, Founder

WooCommerce Currency Converter
by WooThemes

WooCommerce (free) transforms your WordPress site into a full eCommerce store, with enterprise-level features backed by one of the most trusted names in the business.

The Currency Converter Widget offers visitors a clean and simple dynamic switcher for product prices & totals.

by Kindful

Kindful is a nonprofit fundraising CRM, working with clients such as The Peace Corps, Special Olympics, etc.

"Thank you for offering a great service. Launching our multi-currency feature was quick and painless." – Jeremy L. Bolls - Founder & CEO

by Remi Tache

Purse is a community marketplace enabling travellers to meet and exchange cash currencies directly with each other, at the current rate and with no commissions. Purse uses data from the Open Exchange Rates API to ensure everybody a fair trade.

by CoinDesk

CoinDesk is a world leader in news, prices and information on BitCoin and other digital currencies, covering the trends, price movements, technologies, companies and people in the BitCoin and digital currency world.

Their per-minute Bitcoin Price Index, a derived measure of BitCoin's value based on an agreed set of criteria, also serves as a point of reference for those involved in the industry. The Open Exchange Rates API allows them to calculate that index across many different currencies.

by Dmitry Nikolaev

Numi is a text-based calculator app for Apple macOS that combines calculations and conversions with free form, natural language text.

by Wepoke

Currency is an easy to use real time currency exchange calculator. It allows the user to convert all major world currencies with accuracy. Rate conversions are completed with valuable historical information about the exchange rates, all built on data from the Open Exchange Rates API. It's free to use, and available for desktop and mobile phones.

DDW Currency Converter for Android
by Christopher Gabler

A nice, simple and free currency converter app for Android, powered by Open Exchange Rates. Features a very clean design and great reviews!

Artiss Currency Converter
by David Artiss

This popular WordPress plugin, based on the Open Exchange Rates API, will convert currencies within the text of a post or page using a handy [convert] shortcode.

It has some neat plugin options, allowing you to specify default settings for currency conversion and view all the latest rates and currency codes within your WordPress admin.

iGotCharts + Units & Currency Converter
by Edgar Dohmann

iGotCharts is a universal conversion app for iPhone & iPad, with 40+ unit categories and 1,400+ individual units, including every currency from the Open Exchange Rates API.

Features handy reference charts and documents related to unit conversion/usage, data entry/display in fractional, decimal or scientific notation and scroll-wheel, tabular & search views. Supports in-app email and Air Print.

Currency Exchange Fee Calculator
by Dmitry Dragilev

This handy travel app helps you calculate the commission fee at currency exchange booths, by comparing the rate you are being quoted at the exchange booth with the latest rate from Open Exchange Rates.

Believe it or not, this app was featured in Forbes and TheNextWeb.

Smart Coin App
by Pavel Mazurin

Smart Coin is a simple and compact one-screen currency converter app, giving you clear and fast results, with no clutter. Features a user-friendly interface, offline mode, simple maths and heaps more. For iPhone and iPad.

Android Currency Rate Widget
by Ken Gilmer

An easily-configurable currency rate widget for Android. View current currency rates from Open Exchange Rates and latest up/down change in a button with the flag of the selected currency.

Simply Declare Travel App
by Rae Mapey

Simply Declare Travel App lets you manage your travel receipts with real-time currency exchange rates, for declaring back in your home country. It has a quick currency converter, list of "favourites", a notepad, and in-app purchases allowing the world traveler to tailor the app to their needs.

CALC - Scientific Calculator app
by QApps LLC

CALC is an intelligent calculator app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which features advanced scientific and basic calculator functions, live math expressions, unit conversion, currency conversion (using data from the Open Exchange Rates API) and an elegant user interface. CALC is free to download and has no ads.

by Don Eichenseer

ExpenseShare is an iPhone and iPad app for tracking travel or other expenses for yourself or a group. Ideal for business trips, vacations with friends, sharing a rental or managing a club. Track spending by category, figure out who owes what, attach receipt images, and record spending in only a few keystrokes using automatic or custom sharing. Offers PDF and HTML reporting.

ExpenseShare relies on data from the Open Exchange Rates API for tracking multiple currencies.

ShopJoy Australia
by Shopjoy

ShopJoy is an Australian online store, providing unique and high-quality smartphone accessories, sourced from Japan and other countries, with a customer-friendly service. The Open Exchange Rates API helps ShopJoy manage prices in different currencies.

Sperian for MS Excel
by Jiri Pik

Spearian for MS Excel is an add-on providing free financial market data access functionality (exchange rates and securities prices both current and past, securities fundamental data, index constituents and more) from reputable sources such as Open Exchange Rates.

Spree Currency
by Spree

Spree Currency is an easy-to-use Android currency converter app, using exchange rates from the Open Exchange Rates API. It automatically detects local currency based on location and stores rates for offline mode, too. And it's free, with no charges or ads!

Travel Currencies UWP (Windows) App
by LeanWork.NET

Travel Currencies is a multi-currency converter for frequent travelers, showing conversions for multiple currencies at once and commission/exchange fees.

Square up for Android
by Sébastien Balard

Square up is a multi-currency cost-sharing app for Android phones (2.2+) supported by Open Exchange Rates. Whether traveling with friends, going out to dinner with colleagues or advancing money to buy a gift, Square up allows you to know "Who paid what, when, where and to whom?"

Amazon Currency Switch Extension
by Riki Fridrich

Amazon Currency Switch is a free browser extension that lets you shop in Amazon and have all prices automatically converted, using the latest rates from Open Exchange Rates.

Convert All App
by Convert All

An iPhone and iPad app, allowing you to quickly and easily convert between more than 250 units and currencies in an intuitive and elegant interface. Features over 150 currencies and metals, with automatic updates from the Open Exchange Rates API.

How Much Euro?
by Frank Neulichedl

How much Euro? is a sales tax-aware currency converter for Android, which calculates US/Canadian sales tax and adds it before converting dollars to Euros, to give the real Euro price.

CurrencyRate for BlackBerry®
by SmartSoft

CurrencyRate is a BlackBerry® app for calculating and researching currency exchange rates, showing 150+ currency exchange rates from the Open Exchange Rates API. The app allows you to view charts of 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 month and 1 year, with cacheing to reduce data usage, and also displays currency trend news in brief, via RSS.

Currency iPhone app
by Kasper Timm Hansen

Currency is a conversion app for iPhone, allowing you to quickly switch between currencies and see what a value is worth in another country, while focusing on just your favorites. Currency is backed by the Open Exchange Rates API, so you know the price is right.

Calculator Plus
by Pavan Kumbhar

Calculator Plus is a Windows Phone app designed to replace the pocket calculator in all education, business or household scenarios. Provides a Simple Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Loan Calculator and Unit converter with Length, Temperature, Weight, Data Storage, Time, and a Currency Converter with over 160 rates provided by Open Exchange Rates.

by Mike Seaby

Convertsy is a slick and great-looking currency converter app with two modes: one with only the top ten most commonly used currencies for easy access, and another that features every currency from the Open Exchange Rates API. For iPhone, iPad version coming soon.

by Pierre Dulac

FriendCash is a simple and efficient app to help you manage group expenses (in many currencies). Useful for figuring out who owes what between friends and room-mates.

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